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Lioken7 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I would like to invite you to join my art book contest that I'm hosting in my group, :iconforever-nintendo: . The contest is "The Game and the Gamer Contest" and will consist of three separate themes: redesign, games playing games and project yourself. Each theme will have a separate deadline, here are the deadlines: October 25thNovember 14th and December 5th. Ultimately, the best entries will be made into an art book. There will be big prizes given to the contest's victor and to the runner ups. Will it be you? Join and submit an entry and we'll find out.
Here's a link to the contest journal:
Wasil Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Sorry, this honestly seems kind of shoddily done and lacks a lot of information. 
The "winners" don't even get a copy of said art book, nor does anyone know what you'll be doing with the copies of them.
Just sounds kind of like you're asking for free art and offering not that much in return; for example the grand prize will give you 50 devpoints from two people, which is about 60 cents in real money.  

It also says at the bottom that "Once I know the price I will be paying for each, I will post a journal with the prices." but you're the only one making a profit out of this art book filled with other peoples' art. 
Every zine/compilation project that I've been included in has been very gracious about making sure the artists are compensated, and clear about where the money will be going. 

I'd advise you to either rethink what you're doing with this, or stop trying to get people to give you free artwork with the slim promise of being featured in an art book. 
Lioken7 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry... I think

Actually, the winners do get a free copy along with all the judges. It's the ultimate prize that is obviously connected to the ultimate goal. The reason this was in place was I didn't want to promise what I couldn't give.

I'm told I write too much, now I write too little. What would you like to know. 

I'm sorry if it feels that way. My intention is not to steal art, nor to make a profit, but is to create an art book. I explained that any profit made will go to making better prizes for future art book contests.

What's slim? If it's mid-high quality it gets in. Even late entries can get in (though they won't be placed)

Is there anything you feel I should clear up. I think I'm being clear, but maybe I'm really not.
Wasil Featured By Owner Edited 15 hours ago
It sounds like to me that you don't even really have the adequate funds to fully compensate the artist. Printing art books is pretty expensive, and I quote "I am asking for only 20 cents". So you're asking artists to pay you for prizes they might have a change to win? 

The reason this was in place was I didn't want to promise what I couldn't give."
What does this mean? That you can't fund the art book in the first place?
but then you go on to say

Actually, the winners do get a free copy along with all the judges."
I count what, nine or winners total, yet you're asking for at least 20 pieces of artwork? So nine people get a free copy of the artbook, while the other people who still get into the book get nothing? Why are the judges for sure getting artbooks when the artists are the ones who are creating the content?

I explained that any profit made will go to making better prizes for future art book contests."
So basically you don't even get the benefits of this until you enter the next art contest, also you're still profiting for it, making an artbook isn't some kind of right, you're making money off of other peoples' work in order to fund your personal project. 

This artbook was poorly planned and even if you may not see it, really takes advantage of artists. 
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L3M0NL1M3 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful art you have by the way!
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